Even if a film plays festivals (and wins awards), actually gaining theatrical distribution has become increasingly difficult. And if film lovers want to organize a screening of their own, the tech is expensive and there is no easy legal way to access films for public screenings.

Guerilla Kino would collect all films without regular distribution in a given territory, providing a community platform through which anyone looking to screen these films publicly is provided with everything they need to do so. This includes not just the rights, promotional material, and essential communication tools, but also all the gear you need for a screening (projector, screen, sound, etc.), whether in your back yard, community center, or town square!

Bypassing the unwieldy and often inaccessible world of distribution by handling the licensing and payment system, Guerilla Kino would thus enable anyone to become a curator of their own screenings. It would provide audiences with brand-new or otherwise unavailable films, and films with exposure they would otherwise not get — no audience is too small or large, and great films no longer just disappear.



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Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius, Charlotte Smith, Ursula Böckler, Johann Claussen

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