If you go to a conventional multiplex, it’s almost like you’re back in school again, with each screening room basically a giant lecture hall. And like students, you are expected to only pay attention to what’s happening right in front of you. This, however, can leave you stranded and isolated after the private process of watching a film is over. It also makes the screening room itself rather inflexible in its uses.

Imagining a communal cinema, Collab remodels the theatre space to be more intimate, with curved, flexible seating rows from which viewers can interact with each other easier and in more surprising ways before and after screenings, or during Q&As or other presentations. It also adds a media table below the screen, ensuring that the space itself can be more flexible.

This way, in addition to screening films, theatres can become gaming arenas, amphitheatrical classrooms, even post-production suites — the cinema turns into a communal space where films are not just screened, but where they are viewed, discussed, and edited.


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Caspar Sonnen, Robert Ochshorn, Tine Fischer, Wolf Bosse, Sam Chermayeff

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