Innovation tools for thefilm industry





Innovation tools for thefilm industry



Cinemathon was founded at the end of 2015 out of a desire to explore and experiment at the touchpoint between film, storytelling and technology, to cross boundaries and question the status quo. 

Here is a portfolio of FilmTech projects which I have helped to get off the ground, together with fantastic partners and a large network of interdisciplinary collaborators.

Some other projects did not see the light of day. Sometimes we didn't try hard enough, other times we faced resistance. I'll gladly share my thoughts and lessons learned on both types. 


About myself

I am a film producer by education and have ventured into FilmTech territories to grow professionally and personally. I am interested in innovation strategies, technology at large and its impact on storytelling. I possess an avid interest in new narrative formats and new distribution channels. I am curious, pragmatically creative, skilled at improvisation and professionally proficient in four languages.


The FilmTech Office


I co-founded the FilmTech Office, a shared office for creatives & entrepreneurs in film, storytelling & tech. The FilmTech Office is a place for those interested in co-working with creatives and entrepreneurs in a curated environment where film production and distribution meet blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence. We offer stat-of-the-art co-working, a vibrant FilmTech community and inspiring events.


Film equity investment

 With the mission to bridge the gap between film equity investors and independent films, my partner Gian-Piero and I, together with a team of top-notch legal, financial and technical experts, are developing a 21st century tool for film financing. Through blockchain-based equity tokens, we want to offer investors an unprecedented simple and regulated way to invest in films with a global appeal. Work in progress.


Propellor FilmTech Hub


I co-founded the Propellor FilmTech Hub, a hub for the development of new business models for production, distribution and experience of films. We connect film and tech entrepreneurs and apply innovation techniques from the start-up world. We have organised Hackathons and other ideation formats in Berlin, Rotterdam and Copenhagen with hundreds of international, interdisciplinary participants. 


FilmTech Meetup


I founded the FilmTech Meetup Berlin, a monthly speaker and networking event with the aim to explore the touchpoints between the film industry and the start-up & tech world and to build an interdisciplinary FilmTech community. The Meetup explores topics such as blockchain, AI, big data and new forms of storytelling. We have a community of 1.500+ interdisciplinary members in Berlin.


Cinemathon Workshop


I co-organised the Cinemathon Workshop with the aim to develop prototypes for the cinema-going experience of the future. With the help of experienced design thinkers, five multidisciplinary teams consisting of business strategists, technologists, architects, festival organizers, designers, artists, and experts from many other fields developed thought provoking concepts of cinema in the 21st century.




I am the artistic director of infiniTIFF, the Transilvania International Film Festival’s experience hub entirely dedicated to showcasing new and innovative forms of audiovisual storytelling. infiniTIFF includes a one-day conference, a VR Cinema, a Live Cinema program and a workshop for storytelling on Instagram. We explore different angles of storytelling in the 21st century.




I co-founded Kino - Passion, a monthly series of film screenings and debates taking place in a church in Berlin Kreuzberg, for people with little or no income and anyone else: elderly and young, healthy and lame, in leather jackets or silk blouses, mini skirts or hoodies. We have screened 40 films of all genres and have welcomed more than 20 film makers as guests.


I would love to hear from you if we share a passion
for film, storytelling and technology.