Traditionally, films are shot and edited long before they make it to the cinema – unless there’s a director’s cut, they will always unfold the same way. With Agenci (Audience GENerated Creative Input), however, the story is different each time, creating an active and uniquely memorable experience.

Taking advantage of high-tech innovations, Agenci screening rooms would be fully equipped with biometric sensors both wearable and not-, collecting implicit and explicit feedback registering the audience’s every reaction. Instead of a director, the person in charge of the way the story unfolds would be a cinema DJ, reading the room’s responses and altering the raw materials of the film accordingly.

Whether you see it in Berlin or Beijing, the remixed experience is irreproducible, creating a screening audiences can only see the same way once!


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Piodor Gustafsson, Ainsley Sutherland, Simon Lajboschitz, Gregor Erkel

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Impressions from the Workshop

This is a collection of photos, sketches and ultimately moments that should capture the provocations, the people and the place we worked at.


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