You can’t help but identify with the people you see on screen; it’s human nature. But what if you could actually be one of those characters? CineMotel would enable you to, for the duration of your visit, become someone else. Simply follow the instructions on the app or website, choose how active you want your experience to be, and CineMotel will learn who you want to be (this time). The system then pairs you with like-minded (or contrasting) visitors and, on arrival takes you through the CineMotel’s rooms to participate in, or spy on, the ongoing stories.

Being immersed in the narrative space of cinema, solving puzzles, or living through emotional scenes can introduce you to places, people, and feelings you’ve never imagined. As you move through carefully constructed sets or VR environments, your journey is captured, making it available for others to watch.

With audiences seemingly starved for real-life experiences as thrilling and transformative as their favorite films (or video games), it is no wonder that physical adventure games like the escape room have become so very popular. Inspired by the infinite worlds of cinema, the CineMotel would offer similarly immersive experiences for thrill seekers and film fans eager to ‘live’ their favorite scenes or personally grow through encountering wholly new ones.


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Lioudmila Voropai, Robert Lippok, Florian Niedermeier, Joe Edelman, Mathilde Henrot

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Impressions from the Workshop

This is a collection of photos, sketches and ultimately moments that should capture the provocations, the people and the place we worked at.


Some Photos


A Journey Map of the experience


This is the clickthrough prototype for the Cinemotel app