When you go to a cinema, the experience is often surprisingly isolated: when the film is over, you’re simply expected to leave right after the screening. If you go with friends, at least you can talk to them about it. Cinemas could offer you more than just their screens.

Now, lots of individual cinemas already offer memberships, presenting discounts, special events, and newsletters, but why is every cinema forced to reinvent the wheel? With Cinema Coop, cinemas would be offered a powerful and fully customizable toolbox to offer their members free or fee-based access to a whole range of benefits: additional content, loyalty programs, networking platform, special events, Q&As with filmmakers, lectures, reviews, volunteering shifts, festival trips, etc.

As part of Cinema Coop, not only would cinemas be able to quickly build a smooth and professional interface with which to more directly engage their visitors, they would in the process also become networked with other, like-minded cinemas. They could start to franchise any special content they produce around specific films or series, book special guests for cinema tours, exchange know-how, or even license films for exclusive exhibition in the Coop. Ultimately the audience is reimagined not as a market to be served, but as a community of which cinemas are a vital part.


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Anke Nowottne, Michel Reilhac, Colin McSwiggen, Jan Rickers, Aline Blankertz

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