Our Vision

Together we imagine a new cinema-going exprience!


The Setup

In April 2016, we hosted our first two-day Cinemathon Workshop in Berlin. We invited a diverse group of business strategists, technologists, architects, festival organizers, designers, artists, food entrepreneurs, VR creators, and leading experts from many other fields. With the help of experienced design thinkers, five multidisciplinary teams worked on a different opportunity area, each team developing a prototype for the cinema-going experience          of the future.

Open Source

We believe that it takes a village to reimagine the future of cinema. That is why all the results of the Cinemathon Workshop are open source; they are concepts intended to be built upon. Feel free to provide feedback or develop any of the ideas. These concepts are meant to provoke new thoughts and start new conversations. Join us!


Here are some impressions of the wonderful workshop. We hope they convey a glimpse of our collective joy at developing the cinematic experience for a brighter future.


Five Provocations

Here are the results of the first Cinemathon workshop. These concepts are of course far from finished; they are rather thought provokers, conversation starters, or open letters to the community about the opportunities ahead of us. They represent beginnings rather than solutions. They are the outcome of two days of discussion, inspiration, and making ideas tangible. Let us know what you think!



The Toolkit

We believe in human centered perspectives, multidisciplinary people and build-to-learn processes.


The Participants

The Contributors

The insiprational video was directed, edited and produced by Ursula Böckler                     and Georg Graw (

The impressions from the workshop were shot by Nikita Pavlov (         and edited by Matti Falkenberg (

The illustrations were designed by Marta Croce (

The event management for the workshop was provided by Martin Roetzel.

The workshop was held at Infarm (


The Sponsors

These are the people and organizations that helped us to initiate this first Cinemathon Workshop. We are overly thankful for the support we got.