Since its beginnings, cinema has stuck to the same rules and paradigms. But with the powerful digital revolution that is upon us, it feels like we have everything at our fingertips to reimagine cinema for the better. Cinemathon represents a rallying cry to embrace the opportunities that digital brings and to bridge the gap to unexplored territories.



Traditional cinema is becoming less and less attractive to younger audiences, while powerful on-demand services like Netflix, Amazon, or iTunes are on the rise. And while the industry is producing more faster than ever, it feels like it hasn't yet addressed the changing landscape of new narrative formats such as virtual reality or 360° video nor their increasing overlaps with other fields like immersive games or epic events. 

Lack of Innovation

Though the industry regularly meets at panels, conferences, and film markets, it still seems unable to generate strategies to address these possibly cataclysmic changes.

What has happened so far is that the industry has mostly generated incremental changes rather than the disruptive shift that is necessary. Simply optimizing the quality of the image, sound, or facilities won't be enough to answer the emerging needs of the digital revolution. It demands the profound renewal of the value chain, questioning existing business models and reimagining the whole experience.

Who We Are

After years in the cinema industry we decided to start our own company. We want to facilitate change and empower the game-changers in the industry